Thursday, April 18, 2019

Paloqueth Rotating Rabbit Vibrator

The Paloqueth Rotating Rabbit Vibrator is the first vibe of this kind that I've used. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was excited to try it out. This vibe is rechargeable which I love. Its also silicone based which I'm also a fan of, since its much more body safe then jellies. As you can see its a light purple in color, which is my favorite color.

There is three buttons on the vibe. You have a power button, a button for the rabbit, and a button for the shaft. This vibe has seven patterns and three speeds. Their is so may different combinations to try and experiment with. According to the description there are twenty one combinations. Its also water proof so you can use it in the tub when your relaxing. 

I wasn't sure what to expect with this vibe but I was really exited to try it out. I didn't try it in the tub because I'm not a fan. But I did try it several time and every time it was amazing. I tried several different combinations. A couple I have to admit were a little to intense for me, causing me to peak way to soon. But I really like the combination of the rotating shaft and the rabbit ears. This vibe is also very quiet. So you don't have to worry about roommates or anyone else knowing what your up too. There's nothing worse then turning on a vibe for the first time only to discover its extremely loud. Personally I don't care if other people know what I'm doing but if they are super loud it just throws off my mood. 

This is a great low cost vibe that will defiantly bring you to climax. 

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Sweet Lace Halter Chemise

I purchased the Sweet Lace Halter Chamise from Elegant Moments from Adam and Eve. Normally a try to avoid halters because my bust size makes it pull on my neck but I took a chance with this one. I really like it even though it is a little shorter then I thought it would be. It also comes in a few different colors but I really tend to go towards black. I did almost buy the purple one and I still might.

Personally I think it looks great on. The fabric that its made out of is a stretchy lace so its not restricting, you also don't have to worry about ripping it if your trying to take it off in a rush. The fabric is also softer than I thought it would be which I like. I hate buying something only to find out that its stiff or itchy. I think the best part about this halter chamise is it makes me feel sexy, which is really why we buy lingerie in the first place. My guy however he doesn't care about the wrapper he just likes the naked part. But I still try to persuade him to enjoy the moment of the lingerie. He will get there.

I would defiantly would recommend this chamise. I love it. Its sexy and super comfortable.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Spicy Subscription Feburary Box

I'm sure your a little confused as to why I'm writing a review for the February Spicy Subscription Box in the beginning of April! No I didn't get that far behind that I couldn't keep up to do this in a timely manner but I've had nothing but issues with Spicy Subscription since I placed the order! I defiantly wouldn't ever recommend them to anyone.

When I first placed the order I didn't realized that my card wasn't charged, I got a notification about 2 weeks later saying the card that I used was declined. No big deal, I moved money over to that card so that I could charge it. Well when I went to log into my account it told me that I didn't have an account. I went ahead and built a new one so that I could order the box so that I could review it. I sent the cancellation notification later on so I wasn't charged for another month. I received an email telling me that it was taken care of. I later discovered that it hadn't been, not only did I get charged for the box I cancelled but I was also charged on the account that didn't exist! So I was charged twice. I contacted them and finally got that sorted out and my money refunded. I should also mention it takes at least 3 days for someone to contact you back if they do at all.

When I didn't receive my shipping information after the website stated all boxes were shipped, I contacted them again. Only to discover that they didn't send mine to the shipper. I finally received it sometime in the beginning of March. It wasn't boxed in the pink box that it shows on the website. It was just tossed into a brown box that way bigger than it needed to be. The box didn't have any kind of bubble wrap or anything to protect the items inside. The box was also crushed and busted open when I received it.

I once again contacted Spicy Subscriptions, I attached photos as well. Asking if this was everything that should have been included in the box since I didn't get anything telling me what should have been included in the box. I was told they were very sorry and a replacement box would be sent out. I was never told what was missing. When I still hadn't received another box in the mail after 2 weeks. I again contacted customer service to follow up. I was sent the original tracking information for the destroyed box. When I replied back to let them know I was supposed to have another one sent out, my email went unanswered. I really wanted to love this and do a great review but in the end the entire experience left a bad taste in my mouth. The customer service is terrible, and I feel like they don't care as long as they have your money.

I'm in no way faulting Calexotics!! They are fantastic. I've never had an issue with there products.

Custom Leather Collar From Day Collars

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