Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Javida Double Vibro Massager Review

The Javida Double Vibro Massager is amazing!! Not only is it visually stunning but it has two powerful motors in it. I love to deep purple coloring with the rose gold. 

This massager is silicone with a wand at one end and the other can be used for penetration. Your able to adjust the speeds and patterns in the wand and the base separate with different control buttons. Its also rechargeable so your not going to kill the environment burning though batteries. Its also waterproof for the folks that like to enjoy a bit of self care in the bath. The size is perfect as well so its very easy to handle, making it easy to control and guide as you want. 

My favorite thing about this massager is I don't have to change out my vibe. I am able to use the wand and enjoy some G-Spot penetration with the same equipment. This is something that I really enjoyed it gives me so many options in one massager. With having just broken up with the guy I was dating I found this very enjoyable. As I've mentioned before I don't like using the top speed or patterns to much. I find the higher speeds tend to be a bit to much ,and make me cum way faster than I want to but the lower two settings on this one is perfect for me.  


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